Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Magnum Photographers

. Born in Newcastle, Australia in 1971, Trent Parke now lives in Adelaide, the only Australian photographer in the celebrated Magnum Group. Parke won the prestigious W Eugene Smith Award for humanistic photography in 2003, for his epic road trip around Australia, “Minutes to Midnight”. Obtaining this book has become a virtually impossible quest for his fans unless one is ready to shell out $750 for a used copy. If anyone finds it at a reasonable price (anyone in Australia?) email me!

Trent Parke: Minutes to Midnight

HARRY GRUYAERT. Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert was born in 1941 and joined the Magnum Photo Agency in 1981. "I feel closer to painting and the cinema than I do to journalism. I have seen films whose pictures taught me more than the colour photographs I knew at the time. For example, Antonioni's Red Desert." About "Rivages" from the Magnum essay: "At the heart of Harry Gruyaert’s work is the structuring nature of colour, organised by the tension of the horizon line. With photos taken all around the world, Gruyaert opposes the hustle of the city with a pared-down, yet intense, nature."


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