Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fly, blackbird, fly


Those of us who can only dream of using a Hasselblad or Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera can stop dreaming now: Blackbird Fly is here.

OK, maybe it's not exactly a Rollei, but it looks cool, doesn't it?

This unabashedly low tech plastic camera was designed by Hideki Ohmori, the Russian Lomo proponent who now develops toy cameras for his own company, Superheadz. This strange bird comes in a variety of plumage (I like the orange one the best), uses 35mm film, and has a framing mask that lets you take square format photos.

Like its siblings, Holga and Diana, images from the BBF are wildly unpredictable and idiosyncratic, meaning, lots of fun. They can also be breathtakingly beautiful, like the photographs of plastic nico or chomdee.

I want one. Whoever gets me a BBF can be my BFF.

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