Sunday, May 3, 2009


Venus as a Boy, 2007.

My daughter, Zoe, was ten years old when I took this picture, a pastiche of the cover art of Bjork's album, Debut. This is one of those completely spontaneous "wouldn't-it-be-cool-if-we-did-this" sessions that resulted in one of my favorite pictures of my daughter. Zoe, as always, was a trouper and didn't mind posing again and again until we got the spirit of Bjork's picture right. This has become the most popular picture in my Flickr site, viewed by more than 5000 people to date.

Bjork, of course, is a favorite muse of photographers. Her sense of style and quirky personality, along with the bold choices she makes in her own art, make her an ideal subject for photographers and film makers alike. If you haven't heard of this magnificent Icelandic artist yet, you can get out of your cave now and discover her in the video below.

VIDEO: Bjork, Venus as a Boy

Mert & Marcus, Dreamer, London, 2000.

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