Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lawn game near Gaudi's Cathedral

Untitled, Barcelona, April 2010.

If you break away from the tourist trail that surrounds La Sagrada Familia, Antoní Gaudi's unfinished cathedral in Barcelona, you will find a little park where locals come to play. As modest as the cathedral is grand, I found the park remarkable for one thing: the virtual absence of women. Here elderly men gather under the shade to play chess or on plots of sand to watch or compete in lawn games -- with nary a female in sight.

This set of pictures shows a tournament in progress, complete with gold cups for prizes. I don't know the name of this lawn game. It seems like a variation of boule or bocce, but the players use discs instead of balls. Any ideas?



  2. Sorry, I made a mistake while copying the url. I wanted to say that it's a nice serie of pictures. You're totally right, this place is amazing for grabbing shots !

  3. The world, at least I : ), demand new posts in this blog!!!!!

  4. the game is called juego de mallo. (and is actually the origin of the english "mall" as in shopping mall, from a London avenue where some olden version of it was played.