Friday, June 19, 2009

Real men don't have abs

Untitled, Jalisco, Mexico, June 2007.

Hay!Men! Ang blog ng mga tunay na lalaki (Hy!Men! The blog of real men) had me ROFL today that I just had to share it.

This photo blog from the Philippines is is a catalog of what makes a man a real man; more precisely, a real Filipino man. What a real man eats (anything made with violence, e.g., tilapia from dynamite fishing); a real man's job (jeepney driver, congressman); a real man's furniture (double bunk bed); a real man's drink (Robitussin DM); a real man's toilet (fancy shopping mall, and he won't flush).

The blog passes judgment on the manliness of famous people (and things): real man (Chairman Mao); not a real man (Bono, because real men don't use guitars as props); under consideration: (God the Father, because an omnipresent god can be in your ass and a real man will never be in anyone's ass).

Opinionated and tongue-in-cheek (although a real man will never admit to that), Hay!Men! is a hilarious and knowing look at the very many quirks of Filipinos.

Here's the Real Men Manifesto, according to Hay!Men! The original is in Tagalog so a lot is lost in translation:
1. Real men don't sleep.

2. Real men don't text back except to get free load. And when they do, you still won't know what they're saying.

3. Real men always ask for more rice.

4. Real men are not vegetarian.

5. Real men don't have abs.

6. Real men don't dance.

7. Real men will admit they are wrong only to other real men.

8. Real men always have skid marks in their underwear.

9. Real men don't wash dishes or clean their rooms; women do that for them. Real men become even more of a real man if they don't know the woman or can't remember her name.

10. Real men don't go to church.

1 comment:

  1. men become most real when they realize that all of number 9, is a dream.

    All of number five, but they have bad knees (Garnett's the exception that proves the rule)

    All of number one, and yet they snore.

    Real men thank God they don't go to church.