Monday, September 7, 2009

Portrait from open train door

Portraits from Open Train Doors, San Francisco, August 2009.


  1. Dear Emmanuel. You continue to impress with the commuter series. And you're still alive after shooting all the people through the trains doors.
    ; ) R

  2. Thanks, Roger. I should take more of this stuff. John said you do not like the M8? Don't lose patience with it. I had such a difficult time in the beginning I almost gave up. But it's getting easier and more fun to use. I suggest locking up the little cameras in the closet for a while and shoot only with the M8. :-)

  3. Well, I told John it is Nirvana and Nightmares combined into one single item. The pictures are sharp where I want them to be and bokehrich when I want it and everything I could ever wish for. On the other hand the sensor plate is frightfully static, is a dust magnet and needs to be cleaned far to often. Anyway it is the camera of choice but not for travel and nor for .... Ambivalence prevails!